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Im 17, I had 2 yeast infections, two chlamydia infections, and a PID infection. I had got a yeast infection when I was a child from sulfur (medication) which im allergic to, a yeast infection when I was 14 (not sure what caused it), Chlamydia when I was 15 (for 7 months),got re-infected with chlamydia at 16 (same partner) and Got PID while I had chlamydia from douching. I had went to the teen clinic to get tested for the chlamydia and twice in a row it came out negative. I went to my regular doctors to get tested for it the same time I did at the teenclinic and twice in a row it came out positive. I was with the same and only partner throughout the whole thing too. Im no longer with that partner and cured of everything but now im worried that I won't be able to get pregnant. How long would it take for me to become infertile from infection? THANK YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ THIS!


Infertility can be caused by various of things, one being untreated STDs. It totally depends on the type of infection and the length og time you had the infection. I know numerous of women who have had STDs including HPV and had children. I also know women that had to have help having children (going to a fertility specialist). I think if you are clean and take care fo your body, your chances are greater forbeing able to conceive rather than be sterile.