Researchers found that garlic can boost our natural supply of hydrogen sulfide which is actually poisonous when it reaches high concentrations in people’s body. However, in normal situations it has ability to transmits cellular signals that relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. During the research scientists extracted juice from the garlic and added it to human red blood cells and the reaction of the cells was to immediately begin with the production of hydrogen sulfide. This findings explain why a diet rich in garlic can help to protect against breast, prostate and colon cancer.

Scientists also reported that hydrogen sulfide can protect the heart. During research on mice they injected hydrogen sulfide and it almost completely prevented the damage to heart muscle that was previously caused by heart attack.

However, garlic has some downsides as well. The amount of garlic used in the study was the same as adult eating two medium sized cloves per day. During the preparation of the meals, many people cook garlic right after they chop it. It was discovered that the best way to preserve health benefits from garlic is to crush the garlic at room temperature and leave it for 15 minutes because it triggers an enzyme reaction which boosts healthy compounds in garlic.

For those who don’t like the smell and taste of garlic there are garlic – powder pills but it’s not yet clear if it has the same beneficial compounds as fresh garlic.