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I recently aggravated an old back injury.
I have been out of commission for about a month.
Prior to injuring my back I was training for a 1/2 marathon. I know I will miss my race in Sept.
My question is how long will it take for me to return to training. So you know for the first week, I was getting toradol shots every eight hours. I still have numbness in the area of my buttocks, back of my leg, and the outer side of my foot (S1 root nerve injury/ irritation). My leg still feels weak.

Any information is appreciated!


every person will heal at their own pace.. even though your hurt and in pain it is good to continue with some sort of exercise program to keep your muscles from becoming atrophic (if you dont use it you lose it, and that statement is true).. with me when i injured my lower back and was receiving cortisone injections it took me about 6 months to return to physical state where i could even move/walk normally.. but my mother who actually had a disc replacement was out and about a week later and in no pain at all.. so it depends on how well your bodys healing and repair system is.. i believe the more strengthening exercise you do for your back, the faster and stronger your back will repair itself and you can be out running in no time.. another thing to keep in mind is that by getting those injections your body becomes dependent on functioning properly and almost "forgets" how to function without them.. try to wean yourself from them and also any pain relievers so you can get back to health as soon as possible.. good luck..