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Greetings everyone,

I was hoping to find out from some current and former beginners ( and I mean with very little history of running!) what kind of running schedule/program they did after healing from some tendonitis in the ankle?



Are you talking about achilles tendonitis ? And when you say healed, how so? No pain, no swelling, able to carry out normal day to day tasks ?


Thanks for the reply. I actually have Tendonitis in my Posterior Tibialis tendon, and what approach would you take in a routine going back to training after it has healed to the point where there is no swelling and very little pain and able to carry on normal day tasks.


I would be inclined for the first week or two to Stretch and Strengthen.
Simple body weight exercise like heel raises off both feet 10X3 three times per day, for say 3 days.
Then heel raises off one leg 10X3 three times per day for say 3 days.
You could then go on to doing heel raises holding dumb bells.

MOST IMPORTANT: after EVERY session ICE the tendon for 20 mins.

When you have No pain I would do something like this :-

FRI. Walk 15secs. JOG 30sec X 6-8

SAT. Off

SUN. Walk 15secs. JOG 30sec. X6-8

MON. Off

MON. Walk 2 min. Jog 2min.

WED. Off

THUR. 2 min jog 2 min walk X 12 -15

FRI. Off

SAT. Walk 1 min. Jog 3 mins. X 8

SUN. Off

MON. 4 X 5 min runs

TUES. 15 min run.




I agree that a gradual build up is essential. Posterior tibialis tendonits can become a real nasty problem!!!
If you want to boost your overall aerobic activity you could cross train to supplement the return to running program. Cycling and water running would probably be the safest.
Don't forget your trunk muscles especially the gluteus medius (side of the hip). These type of injuries often result in weaknes of the hip musculature. It is unclear exactly why, perhaps altered walking patterns or a reflexive weakness due to the pain. Either way your rehab will be more complete and hence less likely to recur with this approach. There is a new running DVD out that provides a comprehensive strengthening routine specific to running. You can check it out at


Thanks for the advice. I think part of my problem was some compensation from my other leg where I have a bad knee maybe. But I'll take the advice and ease into things and focus on getting my glutes stronger! Thanks again.