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Approx. 1 month ago I started having some slight ringing in my ears.
One evening after the ringing started, I started chilling and shaking all over. The shaking lasted about an hour...temp went to 100.3.
The whole scenerio lasted about four hours.
Absolutly fine the next nine days, then, one evening at our sons home my ears started to ring again and I started the chilling and shaking again. Lasted about 1 hour, all the while my temp was rising slowly to 101.6. Again after four hours I no longer felt chilled and the temp decreased.
I have been fine since.
I had stints placed in my renal arteries about 2 years ago, could there be a problem with them? I am also diabetic...had 6 bypasses in 1996...bilateral carotid endarterectomies.
I am 65, and really feel that I am in fairly good shape. But this new problem has me perplexed. It can't be a flu bug due to the fact that 9 days separated the episodes.
Would appreciate your input
Thank You


I believe the ears ringing is called tinnutis, and it's caused from hearing loud noises for a while.

I can't help you with the other stuff though, but it sounds like you should go see a doctor. I'd be pretty freaked out if something like that happened to me. D=