I'm a 28 year old male,I woke up 2 years ago with dizzy spells and head pressure in back of my head. My blood pressure was very high 200/125 got put on medication for bp wouldn't really lower it very well. Progressively from there I have had ears blocking and ringing every day head pressure through sides of my head above the ears down back of head! I have been to every doctor and specialist had full body scans and bloods all came back clear. My blood pressure is much better still goes up on the medication- I saw a professor in high blood pressure who told me I didn't have hypertension he said something is making my blood pressure increase and the headache aren't related to it! Everyday now I have head pressure and dizzy and my ears block up and my eyes so glassy..Help has anyone had this or been going through what i have?? I'm out of options and I don't know how much more I can deal with it