Yesterday I went to the doctor becasue I was suffering with severe pain in my right arm, starting from the pit of my arm up to the shoulder and shoulder blade. He suggested that he give me a cortisone shot which i was terrified of and the doctor says that he didn't see any tear on the rotator cuff on the outside but if the therapy that he has scheduled for me doesn't help then he would do an mri.

The problem is that when he gave me the shot, I felt very anxious to the point I wanted to hurry out of his office. It could have been that I had that shot on my mind before i even got there but i was also worried about getting my granddaughter from school and I was hoping that appt would not take too long. By the time I got home, I did my normal routine and I was still feeling alot of pain and soreness after he gave me the need. I tried to ignore the pain which was not easy to do but I managed. By the time I was ready for bed I got this terrible headache and i could not go to sleep the whole night. I took some sinus medicine, thinking it was my sinuses and then when i awoke about 8am I took my blood pressure medicine, at 9am I took some ibruprofen and it is now 1:50pm and my headache is subsiding some but it is still there.

It is common to get a headache after the cortisone shot?