Im 49 years old , Ok most doctors are quacks and they are on the payroll for workman comp, Here what happen to me .I tore the right and left rotator cuff at work. I went to the dr. and he repaired the left one first what I found out later which he never told me he put 4 anchors in my left arm one of them pulled out during the operation and then 2 months later he put 4 anchors in my right one 7 months later after 100 visit to the rehab center he release me to full duty with no restriction and 1% total body disability.

I still had allot of pain in both arms he release me base on a follow up MRI what he said "looks great" I ask to see a new dr. he would not refer me to him he said he would refer me to anyone but him so this was a red flag so I told the workman comp person and said now I want to see the new dr. the new dr. is the one who told me that one of the anchors pulled out when they were trying to put it in and he said I don’t think the MRI that the other dr. read would show anything because with metal anchors in your shoulder a MRI is just going to show a big black mushroom over the anchor where the tears were, he said he would do a another MRI that is 3.0 testar the other dr. had a 1.5 testra machine and the new dr. said he was going to do this just to show you can’t see anything but he was going to set up a CAT scan for the same time and use dye to show what is going on the other dr. didn’t use dye at all.

Well I have a tear still in my left shoulder and the right and the right bicep it torn which the other dr. never looked at, the new dr. said most of the time when you have a rotator cuff tear 9 times out of 10 the bicep it torn also .So bottom line if you still have pain and it’s been 5 to 7 months afterward something is mess up get a 2nd option , these dr. that does this type of repair are full of themself and they will work on youaslong as they know workman comp is going to pay and when they are getting close to running out of money with them all of a sudden your better and should be well enough to go to work without restriction.