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If you talked to me a month ago before this I was the happiest person on earth, now I am depressed. I am scared. and I have no one to talk to.

The Injury:

75lb dumbell incline press, caused my left shoulder to partially dislocate and immediately relocate after my spotter grabbed the weight. I stupidly finished my work out and woke up with pain the next morning, just slight pain with a very loose shoulder. The next week I move furniture and attempted pushups ever since then I have had pain with all movements and my arm is in pain from just walking.

Motrin makes it feel better.

I have had an MRI and Xrays. No visible tears on anything. but then how am I having such bad pain and inflammation in all of my rotator cuff tendons..

I have been told there is a 90 percent chance of another dislocation reoccurring in my age group.

Why am I depressed:

Because I had an image of who I wanted to be in life and now its ruined.. Physically fit GONE... Mentally happy upbeat outgoing intelligent GONE CLOUDED BY MISERY

Why am I scared:

Because I have significant pain and looseness and there is no definite cure

Why am I alone:

Everyone I talk to says oh that sucks what are you doing tonight...

I need help. I need hope.. I am sad... I cant live like this..

I am going to physical therapy soon but how will that help if my rotator cuff is still inflammed and in pain 5 weeks after the injury... Is this a tear or tears that are not healing?!!?  The pain is burning and stabbing feeling..

I am proud of my arm though, when it dislocated it still held the weight as it was falling and still pressed with as much force as possible to prevent it from hitting my head, it did its job.

but now I am left doing everything with my right arm...

can anyone help? is there anyone that will take me seriously or talk with me and not just brush me off and say oh your fine..


No, you're not fine.

But you have the power to recover, slowly but surely. 

You said you won't be able to be physically fit in the future. This simply isn't true. You are just in a stage of recovering and need to take it easy.

The fact that you posted here is already proof that you can recover. Maybe not 100%, as I'm not a doctor and don't know the exact condition of your shoulder. BUT! - life isn't about being perfectly 100% healthy, it is about balancing health, happiness, and achieving satisfaction in what you do.

You need to take small steps. Consider each step to be a tiny investment in yourself. My favorite quote is, "when you invest in yourself-you always win". Here are some steps you could take : 

  1. Try eating more foods that specifically reduce inflammation : omega-3 fats, pomegranates, broccoli, spinach. And other fresh vegetables and fruit.
  2. You should be able to do some (GENTLE) shoulder exercises, but you should talk to your doctor, or even a specialist first about which are appropriate for you.
  3. Adopt a new sport that doesn't require your shoulder muscles. Biking is the first thing that comes to mind, but there are definitely others. In addition, exercise benefits people who are depressed.
  4. Motrin (ibuprofen) is a good anti-inflammatory painkiller that should work to aid healing. 
  5. Try to sleep normal hours, sleep=healing.
  6. Try getting used to sleeping on your back. That should prevent pressure on your shoulder. But it will make you snore:)
  7. You should be able to get some top-notch painkillers from your doctor. They will probably be opiate-based (Vicodin, Oxycontin, etc) which are addictive so if you take that route, you need to be extra careful.
I have also injured myself through body building, in a different way, and I may never recover fully. For a while I thought I had ruined my life, but finally I realized that life is not that black and white. 

I look forward to hearing a response from you, and hope my post was helpful.



I also want to add that the pain is everywhere in every tendon/part of the rotator cuff as it was all stretched by the 75lb weight but most concentrated in the scapula (Infraspinatus.teres minor muscles/tendons).  When I lay on the back I can feel how inflamed they are and I can feel pain when they are pressed on which makes me think if they are not torn and intact how am I feeling pain??? They have to be torn... and I do not know how to cure this, the only solution I hear is "work out with light weights... But I am injured here wont that make it worse and hurt more?

I used to love sleep but I find myself waking up in the middle of the night to a hopeless fear and not being able to sleep or care about anything.

Thank you for your reply I am comforted in the fact that life has more than just working out and that there are other activities I can do. However for me working out was a release of all the stresses I had and it kept me balanced by making me feel good no matter how down I got or no matter what was going on. So I had a very deep personal connection with it, and to have it all taken away from me in the blink of an eye by my own doing is hard to deal with emotionally.

If I had just lifted smart by not doing heavy weights when my shoulders were weak I would be fine, but us young people do not think about safety we just do things and make mistakes Furthermore moving furniture and doing pushups a week after the stretching of my rotator cuff and dislocation was a devestating and painful mistake of which I am paying for right now.


I hate to say it but these days, you really have to be your own doctor. If they say nothing is wrong, and you KNOW something is wrong, then something IS wrong!

Get pain meds, good ones. 

There is no reason why you shouldn't be taking them. There is no need to suffer while you are recovering. The human body has a tendency to go overboard with pain messages. Sometimes our bodies DON'T know what is best for us. The pain is keeping you awake, you need to sleep.

Your body has been wired to endure physical challenge. You need to get going with something else, because your are starving your need to exert yourself. I am speaking from experience. When I stopped working out due to bizarre heartbeats (PVC's), my condition got even worse. And the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me (big surprise!). 

Remember, it's our mistakes that make us need to be looking forward. I know you can do it!


Oh, and I think you should leave your shoulder alone 100%, unless you see a specialist who says otherwise. Focus on lower body exercises. Remember, exercise helps improve the quality of sleep, and regulates mood and appetite. 


Thank you for responding phoenix in these times I need people to talk to and that alone is comforting.

Lately I have been using other parts of my body to compensate for my hurt shoulder, but to get in and out of bed I have relied heavily on my knees and now they ache and hurt when I walk around through out my day or put weight on them..
How can this be happening to me... both knees and I AM 23... This was supposed to be my prime and my time... I hope the knee thing will go away,  the shoulder feels a lot better with motrin as I can get through my day with minimal pain but the injury is there because I can feel the shoulder ball easily slipping in and out of socket during some points of the day...

also the pain kicks back in without motrin..

what should I do about my knees, I do not want people to think im crazy but they are starting to really hurt.. I certainly cannot try running or anything, each day they ache a little worse...

Maybe I strained them both by using them to push my heavy body in and out of bed. 

pretty depressed I must say...  My life would be perfect if I was not dealing with any of this...


Relying on your knees to support your body weight WILL make them ache later on, I have experienced this myself while vacuuming on my knees multiple days in a row. 

How about a soft mat next to your bed for when you wake up?

Remember: SMALL STEPS!

Everyday try to prepare one thing that will make the next day easier.

About your shoulder socket - do you need surgery? What did your doctor say? How about a second opinion?

And how about pain meds? I feel like you ignored my comment about that. Motrin is very mild compared to what you SHOULD be taking. 



doc said because of my pathology I am 90 percent likely to experience another dislocation. He also said to go ahead and do physical therapy and if that doesnt work I will need surgery as I may have a possible SLAP tear inside the shoulder. He told me not to worry about partial rotator cuff tears which I found strange, he also said MRI's are not that accurate..

Most importantly he told me surgery is not urgent, which is comforting because I can try to wait for this to heal up.

Motrin seems to be doing the job though so I did not ask for pain killers


meanwhile I am straining my right shoulder  I can now feel the bicep tendon beg. to hurt... Today I went out to grab some items and shop and pushing open and closing those heavy doors along with constant steering is taking its toll on the right side..

but bicep tendonitis or pain is nothing compared to all 4 of the rotator cuff tenonds being inflamed.

Right now I just feel like being bed rested for 3 months this is a nightmare.

my right arm has literally done everything since this injury..



On the positive side.. you said baby steps... Today I realized while my right arm started to hurt a little that now I should began reintroducing my left arm into the world...

So I have been using my left arm a little, for example when I am using the steering wheel I place it on the wheel and try to apply some type of pressure or hold it in place... before I COULDNT do that I was hurt so bad it hurt to just move it. Also I carried a heavy load of laundry up the stairs which I felt pain in my knees and right bicep tendon so I put my left hand on it and applied a tiny bit of lifting force..

I also only took 1 motrin today instead of 3 or 2... and my arm feels good compared to last week... and the week before however it still feels REALLY BAD in reality I tried pushing clothing over a bit in the closet and it hurt.

but like you said pheonix at this point in time, it is baby steps and little things I can do to feel better because the bigger picture wont happen in a week or even a month or two from now but most likely in a year... 

I figure instead of bitching about it maybe I should keep a log of the pain and what relieves it so that when someone else goes through what I am going through they will never be alone, or have those generic answers...

SORRY for posting so much but I am just trying to be positive and notice positive things because with what I am dealing with right now I have been the worst person to be around...



Hey IMachine, 

Just wanted to check up on you. I haven‘t been online much as I've been in China the past 3 weeks. Anyway I forgot to mention in my previous posts:

I am a strong believe that your body has the intrinsic ability to heal itself. 

I believe this ability is always present wherever we are, and in whatever condition we are in. However, supporting you own body's natural will to heal will greatly speed up the process. Again, here I go with my checklists:

  1. Reduce stress as much as possible in all aspects of your life.
  2. Try to eat foods that provide your body with powerful nutrition (dark leafy greens, vegetable soups, high-quality meats, unroasted nuts)
  3. AVOID at all cost "empty calories"
  4. In addition, avoid alcohol. Alcohol not only taxes your liver, but stresses all your bodily systems.
  5. If you smoke tobacco (or anything else), for god's sake quit!
  6. Try to NORMALIZE your sleep schedule. One method is to get up at the same time each day (7 days per week) while at the same time going to bed when you are sleepy (and only when you are sleepy!). If you want more details on this let me know.
  7. Recognize, and acknowledge that your health is the single most important asset in your entire life - and nothing must come before it (including girls, drinking, entertainment, etc.)



IMachine wrote:

I forgot to quote you, not sure if you'd get an email otherwise.... 



hi sorry that you have no one to actually sit down and really listen to you hun,this sounds just like me :( ive had shoulder joint pain ever since i started working as a cashier,well anyways,lets say i go to open a door while im sitting at me desk,well i would get the worst pain,to me,(even tho i never had dislocated shoulder or any joint)it feels like its dislocated and after about 1 min it goes away,i just dont understand it,i went to my dr,i came home with acid reflux mads,can you believe it? it takes me alot b4 i give in to go to the doctors,and thats why,if you ever need to talk about anything,im here for you...good luck :)
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sorry,meant to type meds as in medication ok? lol!! oopsi



Hope you're doing better.

I had similar prob. Been going on over a month. Just starting to move arm better. Recently having pain in biceps, and was told that this would also pass. Try to hang in there dude. Focus on any good stuff going on, and if hard to find, create some. Also practice being in the moment, and not apprehending.

Best to you.