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had surgery 9 days ago. had bone spur that tore rotator cuff. doctor states that i need to be in the sling for 6 weeks before doing PT. my issue is when standing up i get sever pain in the shoulder. the only place i can be pain free is in the recliner. Like others if I stand up it really pulls on my shoulder and causes it to hurt. i have been using Biofreeze on it and this seems to help. How long on average does it take to get to the point that you can walk around without getting this sever pain?


I had a full rotator cuff repair (all three tendons were full thickness tears), labrum tear, along with having part of my collar bone and bone spurs removed on my dominant left arm.  Apparently, there were nine repairs in all.   I am ten WEEKS out and understand how you feel.  Be patient with yourself and, believe me, the recliner is still my best friend.  My surgeon was very conservative with me and have been in a sling almost all of this time (can take it off at home) and didn't start physical therapy for 6 weeks with just passive range of motion.  I am making steady progress and am only on Advil but am definitely having popping and clicking which is painful.  My surgeon and physical therapist both assure me that this is "normal" but that this recovery may take up to a year!  Learning to be patient and not over using my arm to avoid re tearing it.  Good luck to you and hope that this has offered you some hope as I continue to be diligent about my home exercises, physical therapy three times a week and I go to the gym three times a week and seem to be making progress...painful and slow but keeping positive.:-D