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I hope that was descriptive enough, there's a lot going on and I really didn't know how to describe it all so I just hope I can get some information/ideas.

About me:
24 year old male. 5'9 about 220, athletic my entire life- wrestling, football, track, lifting, running. Long and very unusual medical history (including being legally blind for about the past 2 1/2 years) but other than the things listed nothing that should have anything to do with this, at least I hope not.

So some history first:
So back in 2003 I injured both rotator cuffs at different times while wrestling. Both times I had an mri and was told it was a partially torn rotator cuff. The second time was my right shoulder and I guess it was a bit worse and surgery was recommended. I was offered a scholarship at the time for college and having surgery twice in the offseason (already had one planed for my wrist) would have seriously effected that. My dad was in the medical field and after talking with him I decided against it. Over the next few years I experienced pain in both shoulders, very little flexibility, and painful cracking sounds with certain movements. There were a few times over those years were certain things happened (playing sports, lifting, ect) that made things worse but, not having insurance I always just toughed it out and went from there. About a year ago I noticed that it was getting worse and every now and then I would have this numb feeling that would shoot down my arm starting at the top. I have always been someone who enjoys lifting and working out but it was at the point where I was having to cut the amount of weight, the reps, and how often I went.

So, for probably the first time in my life I found a Dr that I like and honestly seems like he is taking things seriously. About 2-3 months ago I went to him and explained to him my history with my shoulders and the problems I was having (which now included that I was only getting about 5 hours a sleep at night). He never once ordered an mri or any other tests. He basically just spent maybe ten mins feeling around and moving things around and asking me how it felt. I started physical therapy almost two months ago, sense then everything has gotten much much worse. The pain is much worse, I cant lift my arms above my head, and for the past month I am now having pain all over my back (along the spine, lower middle back, on the left side in the middle and all along the top) and on my neck (all along the back and on the right side and along the front right where the jugular is). While doing the physical therapy I get bad pains in both elbows, on both triceps, and in both forearms. The numbness seems to be happening more often and I also started getting the extremely painful popping sensation on my left shoulder blade, kind of up and to the right of it slightly. There doesn't seems to be one movement that causes this but its happening a lot more now (a few times a day) than it was. I am at a point where I cant even run anymore because the arm motion is causing too much pain and discomfort. Also for about the past two weeks I am only able to sleep at most 2 1/2 hours. A week ago I had cortisone shots in both shoulders which didnt do anything. Through out all of this I have kept both my dr and the man running my PT in the loop and letting them know when anything changes and if anything different happens.

At this point I am not even sure if what they are saying is wrong with my shoulders is even the case...or if thats the only thing that is wrong. I am not sure if not doing any mri or anything like that is a common practice that anyone else has ran into but it just doesnt make much sense to me. I have always done well with all types of pain but the part thats getting to me is that the options they are giving me are not just doing nothing but they are making things worse. This is supposed to be my last week of PT coming up and he said when a person gets to about 12-14lbs is generally a good sign. I am at 3lbs and it isnt a very pretty 3lbs. I have brought up surgery once and my dr shot it down right away saying he didnt think I needed it at all. Because of my vision the way it is, its important that the rest of me functions the way it should, for my own safety. Just the other day I fell down some stairs partly because I wasnt able to hold myself up on the hard rail, and ended up seriously injuring my knee (which will all be posted in another wonderful thread).

Any help or advice or anything that anyone can offer would be great. You can never have too many ideas, even if some of them are bad haha. I hope I didnt jump all over the place too much, I tried to through in as much information as I could, if there are any questions please let me know. Oh and because of my insurance I am unable to see any other dr of any kind without the approval of this dr no matter what (unless its the ER) so the idea of a second opinion isnt really an option.


I would demand a MRI or find a doc who will give you one. My doc found nothing wrong on several different occations until the mri clearly displayed the problem. You can't go wrong


It sounds like you have completely torn your rotator cuff. PT will not help a torn rotator cuff, and if you doctor actually says that it will, then he be sued by you for lying to you. You can only make your injury worse. it is time for a new MRI. Your PT will cause inflammation in your shoulders and cause pressure on your nerve, which can result in a lack of strength , pain, and permanent nerve damage. There may even be a ton of scar tissue in your shoulders.