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Can someone PLEASE help me?? For years now, I have had this digusting issue where I will burp up this nasty rotten egg taste. And, I mean, it will smell up the entire room. Anyway, no matter what, I know for a fact, that as soon as I taste that digusting taste, that means I am going to be vomiting pretty much all day and night afterwards. Can somebody PLEEEEEEEASE help me???? It's almost like my food doesn't digest or something, and it doesn't happen everyday of course, but it happens enough where it's really starting to scare me. Thank you, Denise


Dear Denise

Egg burps, sometimes called sulfur burps, are caused when your body expels the hydrogen sulfide gas produced when certain proteins break down in the digestive system. A loud burp is embarrassing enough, but when the burp is accompanied by the smell of eggs, the experience can be emotionally painful. There are many causes of sulfur burps. Fortunately, there are also many simple and effective remedies to get rid of it, like baking soda and Pepto Bismol.

Causes of Egg Burps

Most of the causes are not life-threatening and are easy to correct. However, when egg burps are accompanied by nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, this might be an indication of a more serious underlying health problem. See your medical professional if you have ongoing egg burps or if they are associated with other symptoms.

1. Sulfa-Containing Foods

If you have occasional sulfur burps, think about the food you have eaten recently. Since the hydrogen sulfides that cause the smell are produced by the breakdown of protein, you should understand that complex protein foods may lead to egg burps. This would include red meats, eggs, dairy products and pungent vegetables such as garlic, onions, cabbage, asparagus and broccoli. Beverages like coffee and colas should also be avoided to some extent. Fruits like cashews and bananas are known to trigger sulfur burps as well. Avoid or reduce your intake of these foods to decrease the chance of egg burps.

2. Gastrointestinal Infection

Recent research has implicated the Helicobacter bacteria and Giardia parasite in infections of the digestive system that can cause egg burps. If you have one of these infections, you will very likely experience other symptoms (nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea). The best course of action is to see your healthcare provider immediately.

3. Prescribed Medication

Some prescription medications can also cause sulfur burps. Most notably, mediations that are sulfur based may be the cause of your problem. Read the labels on any medications you are currently taking.

4. Improper Eating Habits

In addition to the kind of food you eat, your actual eating habits can also cause egg burps. Specifically, avoid eating very heavy meals full of complex proteins since these foods will sit in your stomach for longer periods allowing the sulfide gas to build up. Eat slowly and chew each bite thoroughly so that the digestive process begins in your mouth as it is intended to do.

May I suggest that you try this simple experiment - hopefully you will be surprised -

This is best done early morning and on an empty stomach. Lie down on the floor - no pillows, no mattresses - now slowly collect your legs, bending them at the knees and moving knees towards the bellybutton. Having done that, now throw your legs in the air in a jerky fashion and finally stretch them in on the floor. Relax a little and repeat the exercise. I tried this myself and it gave me surprising results. Hope it works for you too. Good luck :)



I hope this helps anyone who has been suffering with the rotten egg burps, vomiting, etc. I seen many drs had endoscopy, ultrasounds etc. for years I lived with these attacks happening sometimes once a week, maybe a month break but would never be completely gone would always come back.

I have been consuming two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed every night for the last two years and have not had an episode since.

I spent many hours searching the Internet for help as I was getting no answers from doctors

I hope this helps someone who was in the same position as me


I began having this issue many years ago. It began when I was in the worst shape of my life, very overweight and eating out all the time. It seemed like food was sitting in gut, not digesting. I underwent many medical tests, which revealed nothing - endoscopy, colonoscope, abdominal CT scan, h,pylori test. I decided to go clean and it made a huge difference - for 3 months my daily diet consisted of a big raw salad and a bowl of brown rice and beans, and I only drank water. Not a single episode during that time. Now that I'm in much better health and eating a mostly whole-foods diet, I rarely have any episodes. When I do, it's generally when I've consumed too much coffee. Pepsi-Bismol takes care of it pretty well.


I have also suffered with these burps and vomiting. The one question I have for you is that does it happen just randomly with no pattern? I could have it 4 times in one week and then not have anything for 4 months. I was finally diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome, this disease does not specifically mention the rotten egg burps but my gastroenterologist prescribed me amitriptyline daily (which is the med of choice for CVS) and I haven't had any episodes since.