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I really dono whts wrong with my stomach or upper abdomen, cos i have a very very mild pain in upper abdomen for around 2 weeks, every time i take a sip of water i burp and every hour i burp and flatulence too, im scared of the pain and for the past 10 days ive been browsing all the symptoms of GERD , IBS, ulcer, stomach flu etc, but most of the symptoms specified are not matching me, lets say,Ulcer or GERD or anything, it will be nausea (i dont have), constipation or diahorrea (i pass smooth stool everyday (brown color) burning sensation in chest (i dont feel that too), i dont have any of those symptoms except for so much burp & gass and a very mild pain in upper abdomen in mid area (above the navel) WHat could be the reason ? THe history as follows : I finished my high school and during my high school i used to take breakfast and now the high school;s over and im applying for university and waiting for VISA, its been a year since im home sleeping all day (i skip breakfast and then around 2:30 pm i go for direct lunch and thn i jst hv some snacks sometimes and thn heavy dinner and sleep around 3 am), the whole routine went this way for a year until now, and one fine monring i woke up around 2:30 pm and had just break with jam for lunch (yea thts it) and then i didnt feel like having any snacks tht day and around evening i went to gym and did some workouts & jst after the workouts i felt kinda bloated in my upper abdomen (i thought may b im gettin abs lool) and tht day dinner again i jst had break with omlet and slept, next day saturday it was holiday and i woke up monring around 11 pm feeling soo hungry and didnt hav anything to eat and so i jst had potato chips, after tht on the following day i started to get pain n burps and then i visited doctor in dispensary after a week , as i was late to hospital i cudnt meet the INTERNIST nor GI so i tuk an appointment with GENERAL PHYSICIAN (she checked my stomach and gas some ANTI ULCER tables and some chewable tablets precribed to take fr 5 days (i wasnt satisfied with tht doctor though and i took as per she prescribed and it was kinda fine for 5 days and after i stopped) i started to get these burps and a very mild pain in the same place, if its a persistent or severe stomach ache thn smthng shud be done, but i can walk , talk, do everything but not very confortably (its like though u get a sprain in your leg u can walk do everything but not comfortably) and i read bout this ENDOSCOPY thing in internet and im very scard for that and im wishing if i visit doctor he shudnt ask me to do tht :(( I dono whether its severe or whts wrong with me, these days im taking some breakfast and i hear rumbling noises after i take them , upto morning the pain's vanished but around  afternoon to night 9-10 pm i get tht mild pain and after around night while sleepin the pain vanishes, Are there parasites in my stomach ?? !! wht cud be the reason ?? Any idea ?? i dont have fever too everything's normal and when i dont eat food i get mild pain and when i eat food it kinda subsides and thn it starts slowly and whn i burp it feels a lot better fr around few mins ^^ Pls help me is this serious ?? Wht cud b the possible thing ?? WIll the doctor ask me for ENDOSCOPY ? :(( How long does the gas pains take to go away ??


This is almost surely diet related. 

In short: You need to hydrate, eat veggies and a healthy diet, not snack foods Or fried food.

 I feel that this is largely due to WHAT you are eating as opposed to WHEN and that more specifically this is likely a gluten intolerance, celiac disease sufferers report similar gastrointestinal problems. I suggest cutting out wheat, barley, rye or oats. Acceptable grains would include corn, rice, millet, teff and sorghum. A high protein diet is also recommended such as the Atkins or paleo diets. 

Try this: eat healthy balanced meals every day with no snack foods or sugary drinks (including alcohol) do this for a month, if the problem persists then see a doctor. As extreme as they pain might be, it is almost surely directly related to what foods you are eating.

i suffered similarly for many years and the problem completely went away when I cut out bread, pasta and junk foods. Also go to the drug store and get bar probiotic, this helps to balance your stomach bacteria for generally healthy intestine. Drink lots of water, I generally carry a water bottle at all times and no longer suffer like I used to.

if you don't want to change your diet, sadly you will still suffer but at least take probiotics, drink water and get lots more fiber.

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