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So my problem is that i burp so much and it's rarely followed by heartburn but not so much i just burp like everyday i have no pain or anthing ,f i used to have this problem since 2008 i was going crazy i even thought i had a chronic disease i was afraid to go the doctor to check on me but at the end i did back in 2008 , so i went with my mom the doctor , he run some blood tests , and also watched my organs with a device like a tv , he said everything is normal and maybe the cause of this burping is the mouth of the stomach he said it's opened more than it must be . well he prescribved me medicines and after 15 i returened to him he checked me and he said now the mouth of the stomach is fine .. so time passed , and in 2011 i went back to the same doctor for the same extreme burping , he checked me he said evertthing is normal but i have air in my stomach or gases something like that .. now i have the same problem i woke up and started d puking but i didn't vomit though i burped so much and i got rid of the pukeness , i've got direhea also , please help i don't want to go to the doctor again because my mom wasted so much money on nothing when i went like 2 times to him and i don't want to do the same thing again also i'm bit hypochondriac , i'm scared because of this .


I am sorry to hear about your excessive belching accompanied by nausea.  I am wondering if you have been tested for H. pylori or helicobacter pylori.  This is a bacteria that infects the gut.  It can increase the acid in your stomach and cause ulcerations of the stomach lining.  It will cause belching and bloating.  You should see if your doctor will check you for this.  Also you may want to explore the possibility of the types of foods you are eating contributing to a gas in your system as well as eating too fast.  I hope you are able to find a diagnosis to this problem.  You may try over-the-counter medications for gas.