I was just diagnosed with rsd last week. I tore my rotter cuff at work in feb of 2010. I have been through 2 surgurys to fix this problem but the pain was just getting worse. They have tried me on lyrica with no results. The pain has now spread into my neck. I have had to get a lawyer because my employer has senced stoped paying for my medial bills and my weekly pay from being injured on the job. They are trying to find me a painmanagment dr. Who deals with rsd until they do I was hoping that someone out there has found anything over the counter that at least takes the edge off the pain. I only get a few hrs of sleep a night and wake with massive headaches. I don't know what else to do to ease the pain. I am only 37 still have two teenagers at home and have a grandaughter that I would love to be able to have and take care of at times but I can't because most of the time I can't even pick her up and she's only 1. If anyone has any advice please let me know