I have been experiancing rumbling sounds in my head for about 6 mo. now and along with that when I caugh I get a sharp pain across the back of my (lower area) head. This only lasts for a short time but painful. I do have tinnitus and have had it since I was a child. My ENT sent me for blood work and a cat scan. The blood work was normal and the scan showed a mastoid on right side and slight sinus on Lt side. He put me on prednizone and an antibiotic. They did not work and 2 days after I stopped the meds I had signs of a really bad alergy attac and could hardly talk for about 4 days. I went to my PCP for 2nd opinion, and he is sending me for an MRI. I can't take much more of this, the rumbling is so loud that people think I am hard of hearing because I keep asking them to repeat themselves. Any suggestions?