I am at my wits end and find myself very depressed lately.
I have tinnitus but I don't think it's your normal case of.
9 months ago, I was at work when all of a sudden, I felt my hearing go away suddenly, along with extreme pressure that made me instantly unstable (dizzy). I threw up that same night.
It remained that way for about 3 months, and has progressively become better. As it has become better, other symptoms have emerged. I now have the tinnitus..BUT...
What I have now is mild hearing loss in my left ear to rustly noises like plastic bags or buzzing sounds. I feel like I have a hand infront of my ear stopping the noise entering properly.
I also have some pressure but it comes and goes, when it's there, it produced a mild woozy feeling.
What I have also noticed in the last 3-4 months is, the tinnitus or ringing is only present as a reaction to sounds!! No ringing or tinnitus when it's quiet, only when there's noise. If I clap my hand near my ear, it goes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, then dies off. The best time is at night as there is no noise!!!!!
I also find that when the pressure comes on, along with the wooziness, the ringing seems to be more prominent and changes pitches like a machine trying to equalize.
The other time I detect the ringing is if I clench the muscles at the back of my hard palate, towards the back throat. If I clench that, it goes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz until I release. Is this real tinnitus????
I have been to over 10 doctors and even an ENT but to no avail. They keep advising to wait and see what happens.
I had an MRI with IAMS, sinus scan and nothing.
I have to say it has been getting better slowly, but what frightens me terribly is that I don't know what it is!!!!
I ave had many experiences with friends having tumours of the head and this has made me very scared that I might have somethign similar. I feel like any night could be my last. No GP undertsnads this fear.
I am thinking I have somethign at the back of the nasal area causing an obstruction of some sort as I also have tonsil stones ont hat side that I feel are related.
Docs keep saying it could be viral which makes me always think HIV ort hat the scans have not picked up the tumour like they did my friend aneurysm, causing her death!!
I guess I am worried that it's something serious otherwise, I could deal with the symptoms.

Please help!!