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Hey! I really hope there are a few people still around here, especially since the old thread was maxxed out... Here's my story:

I am 26 years old and in the USAF. I started having back problems about 6 years ago. There is a whole laundry list of things wrong, but the main things are; my T12, L1, and L2 vertebrae are compressed, my lower lumbar curves a lot more than normal due to the compression above, all discs in my Lumbar spine are degenerate, arthritis, etc. Over the past 6 years I have probably seen around 30 doctors, some in different fields, some civilians, but mostly military doctors. About 2 or 2 and a half years ago, those doctors finally recognized that something was wrong and started the narcotics treatment.

I was eventually up to 160mg of MS Contin twice a day. The side effects proved to be too much, so I told my doc I wanted out. He changed me over to Methodone, and I weened myself off (from 3 pills 3x daily to 0). I've been off the long acting pain medication for about 2 full weeks now, but I still take Percocet (4-6) a day.

During the week, I work 0600-1400 (2:00PM) and usually don't get a whole lot of sleep. On the weekends though, I can get 10-12 hours. While I was on the MS Contin, I started getting these weird dizzy flashes when I got up in the morning. I would get up, go in the bathroom and turn on the shower. The only way I can remotely explain what happens is that when I moved my head or eyes, these flashes would happen. Imagine turning on your shower, putting fingers up to your ears, and pressing them in and out quickly. These spells would last an hour or two after I got up, and then they'd go away.

I went to one of my doctors about it, and then set me up for a CT (no contrast). When I made my follow-up, I had to make it with a different doctor. The CT results said they didn't for sure see anything, but they recommended I get an MRI done. The new doctor pretty much didn't want to hear this, so she did a few visual type tests (follow my finger, look up, look down, you're fine). Since the spells only really happened on the weekends, and only lasted for an hour or two I just said screw it.

When I switched to Methodone, I never had a spell (at least that I can remember). The day I went completely off the medication, the spells came back only now, they persist through the whole day and are accompanied by a pressure in my head.

So, symptoms now: Short quick dizzy flashes (best description I can come up with), head pressure, eyes getting hot or dry, face gets hot, and when I eat certain things the flavor is really intense for the first few seconds.. like shocks up the back sides of my jaw near my ears. I have also been sneezing a lot lately (2,3,4 sneezes at a time in quick succession). That is very unusual for me, and I don't have any allergies.

Military docs can be fantastic and they can be terrible. I would just like to be prepared when I go in.

From reading the posts here, I can tell that there could be 1,000 different things going on here, so any help / suggestions would be great!

Thanks for your time (and for reading this short story)!



Hello all,
I used to suffer from most of these symptoms. I know how hard it is to cope with constant head pressure (up to 95% of the day for me).
I just want to let you all know that you need not suffer! Let me tell my story:

I came back from a Caribbean vacation 5 months ago and felt a slight tingle just behind my right ear. My arm also started to tingle constantly for 2 days. The tingling in my head slowly turned painful, and within a month I was feeling pressure all over my head. In the back, top, sides, eyes, ears, face. At times it was very painful. My ears also had a full feeling and my eyes felt like they were going to burst out.

I was also suffering from nausea, tinnitus, pressure in nose, and many other symptoms. The day I had my CT scan, these secondary symptoms went away - and I learned how badly anxiety can affect the body. We each have different ways of coping with anxiety.

After seeing 7 GPs, chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, going to the hospital for a CT scan and seeing an ENT, I asked my dentist about my symptoms. He referred me to a doctor of prosthodontics, who diagnosed me with TMJ. I've begun home treatment (quite pricey for anything else) and have been feeling a world of difference. The pressure is now only here for about 5-15% of the day, and seems to be getting better as each day passes.

Though I've always had a clicking jaw, I have never had any pain or problem whatsoever with my jaw. TMJ patients almost always suffer worse on one side of your head. Do you notice the pressure worse on one side? Do one or both of your ears feel stuffy? Try applying pressure to the muscle/joint directly below your ear - is it sensitive at all?? There is not a lot of information on this disorder and it is often the last thing (if at all) that doctors will look into.

Anyway, thank you for reading and if this helps just one person this will all be worth it. You are not alone and need not suffer needlessly. Good luck and I know that one day you will all be cured of your symptoms.


Has anyone considered the side affects of aspartame?  Some of you may have Meniere's disease which will give you vertigo.  Some may have a deviated spetum and others TMJ.  But it sounds like many of you may have aspartame poisoning.  Head pressure, floaters, numbness, anxiety . . . . there are 92 side affects from aspartame because aspartame turns into formaldehyde when it is heated above 86 degrees.  You may think you are not using aspartame but if you look at all the products you use, you may find that you are.  Sugar free gum and light yogurt to name a few.  And FYI,  by law alcoholic beverages do not have to list ingredients unlike all other food and beverages. 

Look up "aspartame side effects" for a serious eye-opener.   There is overwhelming information available to explain why the FDA would approve such a lethal food additive.  I don't need to go on about it because you will find enough information when you google it.  Please do it now!



I have been trying to find a solution for the pressure sensation in my head. It started since June last year, and has persisted everyday and is present with me all day long. It could be due to stress because I had a number of anxiety attacks during that period of time due to bad school results and difficulty coping with a moot competition. The sensation feels like something is pressing upon my brain from every side, or a pressure pressing upon the top of my brain. The sensation changes in intensity in the way it pushes against either sides my brain when I move my jaws. When I slide my upper teeth, there feels to be a grinding or clicking of muscles/nerves/arteries/veins within my head or upper jaw region. There does not seem to be any predictability to the intensity of the pressure sensation. It is usually mild to moderate, but on a particular occasion, quite severe as to be painful so much so that I went to the emergency ward at a hospital to see a doctor. It seems that the intensity of the sensation is mild in the morning, but is heavier later in the day. It also seems to increase after an afternoon nap. The sensation is usually around the head region, but on a particular occasion, seemed to migrate to my jaw area. The painkillers that I have been prescribed, such as paracetamol, naproxen, and tramadol, do not seem to relief or alleviate the pain or intensity of the sensation. On a related note, I have also been experiencing nervous tics and involuntary utterances since about the same period of the onset of this pressure sensation in the head. I also seem to be experiencing difficulties in my cognitive capabilities, such as finding it difficult to concentrate or understand my study materials.

I have visited two different dentists on two different occasions, one in July to remove my upper wisdom teeth, and another in December to remove my lower wisdom teeth because I initially suspected the problem to be due to pressure from wisdom teeth. I was admitted to Alexandra hospital in August when I had a fainting spell at the school library after what seems to me to be an anxiety attack when I read in the internet about the symptoms of brain aneurysm and suspected that my pressure sensation in the head was due to it. After I described my symptoms to the doctors at the emergency ward, I was admitted to a ward. The doctors first conducted a strength and balance test on me and concluded no apparent abnormalities. During the next few days, I was given blood tests, electrocardiogram (ECG) tests, oxygen tests via pulse oximetry, blood pressure tests, electroencephalography (EEG), and an MRI scan of my brain. The doctors concluded that I was not suffering from any abnormalities and referred me to a psychologist. The psychologist at Khoo Teck Puat Hosital dismissed my symptoms as psychological, and recommended stress-relief exercises. I sought

I went to the emergency ward at Khoo Teck Puat hospital in October after I had a very strong painful pressure sensation around my head during the evening. I refused a preliminary CT scan because of my fear of radiation. I was admitted to a ward thereafter. The doctor at the ward said that he did not recommend another MRI scan because I had taken a previous MRI scan not too long ago and it was thus unlikely I was suffering from any brain abnormalities. A senior doctor conducted a preliminary dental check and diagnosed gingivitis. I was discharged with prescription of painkillers.

My dad brought me to see a Chinese Sinseh in December. The Chinese sinseh did what seems to me to be acupoint nerve massage on my neck, back, arms, and hands. The intensity of the pressure sensation seems to alleviate substantially but not completely subside after the treatment. However, it seems that immediately subsequent to treatment, the frequency and severity of my nervous tics and involuntary utterances increased, but decreased to the normal frequency after a few days.

The pressure sensation aggravated after I did some jaw stretching exercises. I think I overly exerted while stretching. My jaw now seems to experience a popping sensation if I move my lower jaw to the side, and it makes a cackling sensation when I open my mouth.

I would suspect that the symptoms I have are indicative of either a tension headache, or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).  I think it would be safe to rule out more lethal conditions like brain aneurysm or brain tumour since the neurologist has not made such diagnosis after the MRI scan, but I am worried that the neurologist may have missed out certain details when examining the MRI images, or that the condition was not apparent even in the MRI scan.

Any useful information on what I may be suffering from would be greatly appreciated.



I have daily powerful headaches, on the back and sides of my head to where it hurts to touch or hold up.  Ablout the same time everydayI get these dizzy or off feelings.  The rrom doesnt spin I just feel "black surroundings".  At the same time I have having terrible pain when I eat at the stomach area.  It is a horrible feeling and I have been treated for anxiety taking xanex for it.  I now have been put on an anti depressant and scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow and an MRI on my brain on tuesday. Please lend me some advice I am now desperate.



Hello all, after reading your posts I feel a little better. I have had pressure, sometimes even pain in the front, back and sides of my head. I get pressure over my eyes as if I am trying to go to sleep or something and I get like dizzy or like a double vision spell when I stare at something especially computer or phone too long. Anytime I take Excedrin Migraine, I get relief and can go about my daily activities fine. But then the next day I get them all back. I have also tried muscle relaxers, which are great for bedtime but not to go to work because they make me sleep. But when I took one of those, my gosh I felt 200% better. Either way I have had my heart and all checked, I have had my ears checked with an ENT. I still get pressure and sometimes pain in the left side of my head, like it feels like it is deep down in my left ear and when it hurts I get a little dizzy with that too. I have been diagnosed with a panic disorder and therefore do not know if that is what is wrong with me or not. Because I also have migraines, because my family has a strong history of migraines and what I am experiencing could very well be that. I am due to go back to the ENT on Tuesday and then my family doc on Thursday of next week. I hope to get some results, is anyone else having this problem. BTW I also noticed that all this started happening when I had wax impaction last year and had to have it cleaned out by a suction thing at the ENT office.