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I had sex 3 weeks ago today. It was safe sex, we used a condom and it did not break at all. And 'it' was pulled out even b4 sperm came out. So, even if the condom broke it was still out. My period had just ended 1 day prior, so I doubt I was fertile. But 11 days later I had some odd spotting and it lasted for 4 days. I read it could of been immplantion bleeding but the sex was safe so is it possible I could of gotten pregnant somehow? I have not experienced any other symptoms of pregnancy... Please help me out!!


Hi Sparkles,

It's always possible for you to get pregnant with ANY sexual contact.

Did he wear the condom before there was ANY contact?

Assuming you have a normal 28 day cycle, you would ovulate sometime between days 11-16.  If you have a 5-6 day period, then it is possible for you to get pregnant - sperm can survive up to 5 days.  

Wait for your next period.  If it's late, test. 

Good luck.