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My girlfriend and I had protected sex the day after her period stopped. I came in the condom, took it off and cleaned up. This was all fine, however the next morning, we went again but it was unprotected - however i did not ejaculate inside her. My worry is that there could have been leftover sperm on my penis from the previous night - is this possible?


Hi Joe,

Yes, it is possible.  Did you urinate after ejaculating earlier?  It can help flush the urethra.  There is always a chance however, with any sexual contact.

The timing, for her to conceive, wouldn't likely be that good.  Assuming a 6 day period, you had sex on day 7 of her cycle, she'd likely ovulate between days 11 and 16.  Sperm can survive about 5 days so if she ovulates early there is a chance.

I don't think the chances are high but it is always possible.

Hope it helps.