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My last period was on 11/22 I had sex with a close friend on 11/29 he say he used a condom but I can not to much remember and I don't think he did because I was intoxicated I then had sex with my former boyfriend on 11/30 and.on 12/5 I'm ten weeks and four days the doctor said my conception date is 12/5 if my close friend did not use a condom like I think is there a possible of him being my baby father even tho it's a seven day window in my conception date? && if it was him wouldn't I get pregnant the day I ovulate?



Your doctor, no one, can positively tell when you actually conceived.  All dates are approximations.

If your last period STARTED on 11/22 then you had sex on day 8 with your "close friend."

You then thad sex with your "former boyfriend" on day 8 and 13.

You don't necessarily get pregnant the day you ovulate.  It can take several days.  Sperm can also survive for about 5 days while your egg, about 48 hours.

Normally you'll ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle or 12/3 to 12/8.  Odds strongly favor your 12/5 partner as being the father.  There is always a chance, however slight, that your close friend is.

A DNA test can confirm paternity.

Hope it helps.