Titles says it all. Im a anxiety pain chest sufferer or gerd (still cant make my mind) and 2 days ago i had a bad swell on left side of throat , my moms a doc and she saw it. I had a bad left lump feeling so i took the back of a toothbrush and i kept shoving it down on my throat to see it id would stop for tumors.i threw up and saw that i had a loooooot of phelgm This however made a really bad spot on the throat that would hurt and i also saw that my left salvatory gland and a node under my neck were swallowed, the saliva gland also does not produce spit . My mom said this is cause of the rash i made with the toothbrush. 

I still have the lump feeling on the left but no difficulty swallowing , i just feel that sometimes my burps come from the right side only and i feel my right side colder and more relieved. 

I had bloods 2 weeks ago and xray 1 week ago . All fine

My questions are :

why doesnt my salvatory gland on left not produce spit?

why does the back of my throat has some yellow and red spots?

Why does my burp only come from the right? Does the throat rash make my throat on left tighter? 

Is this all bad or just gerd?