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I have a lump in my neck and to be honest i'm kinda scared of what it might be soo, a little help please?

It's at the front of my neck (my throat?) just to the left of the middle, and you can only feel it if i tilt my head back, but it is pretty big, feels maybe to be the size of a large marble. It only hurts when i push it and then if i push it, it stays sore for 5-10 minutes.

I've heard 'cyst' but i thought cysts were on top of skin not a lump underneath that you couldn't actually see. Is there more than one kind of cyst? && if it does sound like a cyst what do i do? Is it bad?


I'm always one to say you should get these things checked out by a doctor.

But I'm thinking, maybe just a thyroid gland? Anyone else got any suggestions?