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I have two questions.

Can one submandibular salivary gland be larger than the other? I never had felt my neck really until about 4 weeks ago. I noticed that my left gland ( i mean which i think is my left gland) was slightly larger than my right one. It wasn't making a visible bump on my skin but if i compared the two by pushing my finger in a bit and rubbing up and down that my left one protruded more than my right one. Does this mean anything or is one just naturally larger than the other?

My second question is

Where exactly on your next is the submandibular salivary compared to your submandibular lymph nodes? Do people normally confuse one with the other? Can you salivary gland be felt or am i just feeling my lymph nodes?




There are several submandibulary lymph nodes, usually three to six and they are located in the submaxillary triangle. On the other hand submandibulary salivary glands are located beneath the floor of the mouth. If I am not mistaking they are responsible for most saliva that is produced in our mouth. Now do you have any kind of an infection in your body or your mouth? Any problems with the teeth might have trigger lymph nodes to react this way. You have to understand that this will only go away if you treat the infection and the cause of the enlargement of the lymph nodes in the first place. I hope this helped you a bit






under my tongue on one side when i stick out my tongue one gland is larger than the other