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Hi,Am an Indian 33yrs of age. I have never had sex. Everytime during my periods I use the 'Always' pads. During my periods the inner part of my labia majora always itches and with all the itching, there is slight tearing in the skin and the skin around the area looks very thin and sensitive. After 7 days of my periods, the skin has got small cuts and tearing in the area. I leave them as it is for 1-2 days and try not to touch them but during these days the skin becomes very very scaly and the skin surrounding the vagina begins to look whitish and dry and there is clear demarcation from my normal skin I try applying Vagisil but it does no good and everymonth this is a constant and recurring issue. What could be the problem?


Most probably you are having a reaction to the pads you are using.  I would first try changing brands and make sure to get some without perfume.  Maybe even try using tampons for a month or so if you feel comfortable with those.  But you must attempt to heal the skin before you next period.  Try applying some Vitamin A & D Ointment on the cuts and irritated areas.  This will protect that area and give it a soft smooth protective coating until it heals. 

But the best advice I have to share is to see your physician and have your hormone levels checked.  The dryness you are experiencing is most likely due to unbalanced hormone levels.  This happens to all us women at different ages.  Vaginal dryness is very common so don't be afraid or embarassed to address it with your doctor.  You could even get a referral to a woman GYN if that would make you more comfortable.  Believe me it will be worth it in the end.  I am sure you are pretty miserable.  Just remember it can be corrected and it is not uncommon.