This site is a godsend! I am so glad to have come across it today, as I too am experiencing bumps on my labia majora.
My first one was in May 1996; and it was the size of a grape. The most painful thing I'd ever experienced!
It was during a time of great stress; loss of job and eventual bankruptcy. When I squeezed it, out came a pasty, off white colored substance that smelled of "pork" no kidding, this is the only way I can describe it. lol

I had my second one about 2 yrs after thyroid surgery. Same place, lower right side of labia majora. Pap tests reveal no STD'S.
A week ago I have several bumps....same place, but in a long line; some underneath the skin and the bigger ones have opened and are draining blood and some pus. ~sigh~

I too am slightly overweight, very clean, and crave sugar.
I will try the tea tree oil and the Epsom salt baths in hopes that it will help.
My best to all you ladies who are suffering in silence with this awful condition.