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Hi, so I am new to this page and I really need some Help/Advise, 

So January 19th 2013, I had unprotected sex with My boyfriend, Recently I have had (what I think) is Implantation Bleeding (spotting) about 4 days ago, very Light, pink colored, before that I had slight bleeding and was passing tiny little clots that was about a week and a half ago, but recently I have been having some changes and am noticing slight Nausea, bloated feeling, sleeping A LOT, all of a sudden I have acne on My Face,My breast's are starting to get sore and have Pressure on My Left side but here is the thing yesterday in the (early morning)I passed a blood clot no pain at all but it was pretty big, followed by bleeding and then it stopped, just recently I passed another one and again it followed by bleeding and then it stopped, currently I feel Nauseous and my Breast's are kind sore, I also have some Pressure on My left side close to My Pubic Bone and My Vaginal Area feels tighter and shorter (I have read that this happens in early Pregnancy) My Period is not due for a while, before all this happened I was bleeding everyday and I wasn't on My period, It was just random bleeding, I was supposed to get it checked out and then this happened, I have been reading articles and stuff about this some people say it could be a miscarriage others say its normal to have a clot or two, some are even saying it's possible to bleed through your first few weeks/months of Pregnancy, a girl I know didn't know she was pregnant because she had Bleeding and Clotting through her first few weeks of Pregnancy, I can't Test yet because It is a little too early, what do you think I should do?, I am very very confused :/ and kind of freaked out, I am 17 years old, My Parents have NO IDEA that I am sexually Active, Could I be Pregnant?, Please Help.


well im 18 and i hav experienced something like ur situation, my period was suppose to come on jan12th its been a month since i havent had it and i hav taken about 5 pregnancy test but its still negative, probably your period might be coming early or you probably pregnant