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hi everyone, just wondering if anybody else has still got or had heavyish bleeding 5 weeks after a miscarriage? the bleeding is heavier than my normal period but not soaking a pad in an hour type. i lost our little angel at 8 weeks 5 days started light bleeding at 8 weeks 4 days, passed very big clots(sorry tmi) and the baby(confirmed by the hospital) on the day of the miscarriage followed by a number of smaller clots in the days following. hav had 3 vaginal u/s and on the 3rd one they found a small bit of "products of conception" left and removed it there and then and told me the miscarriage was complete, that was 2 weeks ago. i am still bleeding heavyish then light then nothing for a day or two then heavyish again, really stop start bleeding, its stopped then started again twice, is this normal? i dont remember this with my previous 2 miscarriages. im now wondering if there may still be something in there but it didnt measure big enough for the hospital to be concerned. any ideas anyone? has anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome? apologies for the long post but trying to give as much detail as possible. hugs to everyone else that has lost a little angel/angels, its so devestating, love to all x



This is something you may have to take up with your doctor.

I found out early June I was pregnant with my 3rd child & a few days later began bleeding. I was 5w2d & bled for near on 2wks straight. My clots were only tiny until towards the end when I passed what I can only imagine was the yolk sac. The largest clots were about thumbnail size & there was only 3 of those. The sereity of the bleeding may depend on the gestation age I guess. I would see you doctor, as they may suggest doing a curette, just to make sure it's all passed.

Good luck x