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as of today the doctors diagnosed a cyst in my synus. i have pressured headaches sharp behind the right eye. when i went to the doctor today i fainted and started vomiting clear fluid. Although i did not feel sick to my stomache. They took blood tests and others to try and find the problem..could this be some sort of bad virus?



The headache is defiantly caused by the sinus pressure. The good thing is that you have been already diagnosed with this condition so you know what is causing your problem. However I am not sure what might have caused the vomiting because sinuses can cause many things but I didn’t heard that I can cause you to vomit as well. Sinus infection is usually bacterial infection, so I think that you can rule out the possibility of virus. When you immune system is weak your bacteria in sinuses will multiply and will cause you to have sinus infections. You could try to cure this with antibiotics because they will help you the most. Also try to boost your immune system as well.