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 i am 18 year girl.i fainted 2 weeks ago and i have been having headaches since. i went to my family  EEG  on my head. i still get headaches now. can anyone tell me what's wrong with me?!?!


Hello asma,

besides EEG, did you have any other tests done? I'm thinking primarily blood tests to determine your iron levels, so that iron deficiency anemia could be ruled out as a potential cause for your headaches. Also, another common reason that can be contributing to your headaches is either too low or too high blood pressure - this is something that you can check in every doctor's office or even pharmacy.

You should also talk to your primary doctor about having a screening of your thyroid hormones - if your thyroid gland is either overactive or underactive, it too could be behind your headaches,

Wish you all the best,