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Hi so I'm worried I might be pregnant I've been on the pill for about 3 months and about 2 weeks ago I was so stressed out with work and I kept getting ill that I missed four days off my pill but started taking it normally again but for the last 2 days I've been getting pinky brown watery discharge not enough to even put on a towel but its there when I wipe.I never spot inbetween periods and my perids not for another 7 days so its to early to test. Also today I've been feeling really sick but not like I'm going to throw up its like things just keep turning my stomach! I don't know if you think I'm crazy but I'm convinced I'm pregnant I just feel like I already know like something inside me already knows. I was just wondering if anyone can give me advise if they think I am or if I'm going mad Thanks


Wait a few days and take a test. Most tests detect pregnancy from 5dys before your period is due but its better to wait until your due to start your period. Make sure you get a pregnancy test and read the instructions back to back and use first morning urine.