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This is my third pregnancy. I have two beautiful, healthy daughters ages 3 and 4. With my second pregnancy I bled quite a bit. I still god my period each month and sometimes bled a little inbetween. I'm pregnant for my third time now (doctor said I was about 9 weeks) and I had some blood show 3 days ago. I went for my first ultrasound yesterday, my husband and I were very excited to see our baby. Doctor told me I was actually 12 weeks but the baby was only the size of 8 weeks, and asked if there had been any blood. I looked at the sceen and being that this is my third pregnancy and I have had ultrasounds done before I could see the baby, but I could also see that there was no heartbeat. My husband didnt know, because he's never seen an ultrasound before, I looked over at him and could see how happy he was, he could see that I was upset though and didnt know why.. until the doctor told us that there was no heartbeat and that we have lost the baby. I have been bleeding more today (this may be too much detail.. sorry) but it wasnt red, more of a brown colour. I was told that it was "old blood". I've also been told that sometimes the ultrasound doesnt detect the heartbeat arond 8/9 months, which I'm not sure is true. The doctor asked me if I would like to wait and see if I pass the baby, or if I would like to have a D&C today. I said I would like to wait. Mostly because my husband and I really wanted this baby, and I'm wondering if there's still any hope left. These past few days have been the worst days of my life.
I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice, share stories if they've had similar experiences. I'd appreciate it very much, as I don't know what to think right now.


I am sorry to hear that ... how are you now?

Seems like the doctors make early decisions on D&C .. I hope all was fine after that and now your pregnancy is going well.

Hope to hear good words from you ...