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Today I was standing too close to a fire...something popped causing hot plastic to fall on my cheek. Thank goodness I had quick access to cold and an aloe vera plant. I was able to get the plastic off my skin.
Right now this is somewhat painful and there is some swelling. You can see that there is still dead (Burnt) skin on the area and that in some places it took off one or two layers of skin.
It looks unsightly, for now, but my biggest concern is scarring. It's between a quarter & fifty cent piece size burn.
Any ideas of how to prevent a scar after burns? I'm still putting fresh aloe vera sap on it. Good idea or bad?


yes there is a number of ways to prevent scarring theres fast healing plasters wich reduce the lickness of scarring,vitamin e oil is always good.if scarring as already occured u can use any of these products to help reduce or diminish the couler,size,or scar its self the list of product as follows are:silacone gel or sheets,bio-oil,micro-dermabrasion kit,rosehip oil,glycolic peel,tca peel,penal peel,lemon juice/vineger.

hope that helps you