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Today I was standing too close to a fire and something popped, causing hot plastic to land on my cheek.
Thank goodness I was near cold and able to get fresh aloe vera on the burn within 5 minutes. I was also able to get the plastic off.
It's between a quarter & fifty cent piece in size. You can tell there is still some burnt skin (black) on it and other parts you can see that one or two layers of my skin has came off.
It's hurting some but my biggest concern is scarring since it is on my face.
Any ideas what I can do to help prevent scarring?
I'm still putting sap from an aloe vera plant on it.


Hi ksf,

Ouch....sorry to hear about that. I hope you are feeling better. Aloe vera sounds good. There is ALSO a cream they sell behind the counter that I saw at CVS. It is called Mederma. It is said to be excellent. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Double check the label that it is allright for the face. I am almost positive it is ok for face.

If you wanted to, also talk to your local pharmacist. They have a GREAT wealth of information and recommendations on possible home remedies AND over counter products. I have just heard GREAT things with Mederma. You might want to see your doctor too. He might know some good things. Be sure to ask him/her.