Hi, I have been having these symptoms for the last week or two now. It started with a cold/sinus infection about two weeks ago . I had some antibiotics so i took about 7 days worth and my sinus infection seemed to go away... no more green/yellow mucus or sinus headache. I still had light headedness and a fever that came and went. Then about a week ago I got a mild stiff neck which has been getting better(still have a light ache in my neck/spine).... Then in the last couple days I have been having headaches ,toothaches and pain in the roof of my mouth that come and go.
I would really like to know if this happens with meningitis or PAM disease I have been having extreme fear and anxiety about it being PAM disease as that it usually fatal with 2 weeks and is only diagnosable with a spinal tap which is why I haven't gone to the hospital because I doubt they will do a spinal tap because I have some of the symptoms, am I just being paranoid is this normal for the flu? Right now all i have is headaches that come and go, light headedness or dizziness and slight nasal congestion... occasionally i will get chest pain and pain in my arms but i think that is due to stress. sorry about it being so long but if anyone can help or has any ideas i will greatly appreciate it.