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I have had viral meningitis 4 times in the last 4 years. The last time they did every test of things that cause meningitis and they all came back negative. I was also told that I will probably get it again within the next year. I have had 4 organs removed on top of this but they can't find a connection between the two. I think it's almost impossible for someone to have 2 completely different and rare diseases. Can anyone help me out, or does anyone have any kind of information I could use to prevent getting meningitis again?


I have had meningitis 7 times between 23 and 42 ecphelitis once at 3.  I am now 45 and still alive! One of those 7 times was bacterial (the first time) the rest were all viral.  I have noticed that whenever, I was under extreme stress, or if I went to the dentist to get something extreme done, like a root canal, or a crown whether there is a shock to the body's system especially effecting the immune system, that is when it happened.  In fact, the last case of meningitis, came on quickly after the dentist appointment and in less than 12 hours, my head and neck were stuck in a right angled position, and the nerves throughout my entire body, felt every single, movement like it was a bone being broken and I was in tears, crying like an infant from the pain.

I can tell you I was given Aclyvoir to take every day for the rest of my life, but I don't take it every day. I take them when I start feeling those old familiar symptons again and I take about 3 once a day for three days and it has seemed to work.  Originally I was getting meningitis every other year but now, it's been about three years.  I have seen internal medicine physicians, neurologists, General Practitioners, Infecctious Disease doctors, etc... no one has ever been able to come up with a solution, except when one Doctor told me to start taking Acylvoir.  I was supposed to take every day, but I don't need to do that. I hope this helps.  I did also hear recently that people affected by recurring meningitis are lacking a certain protein.