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Hi, can anyone please help, Im 29 and I had meningitis 3 years ago, I had to have a spinal tap done to confirm this but ever since I have had back lower back pain. I'm on medication for migraines so dont suffer with that like I used to and I'm done anti flamitray for my back but it doesn't seem to help. Is my bad back from the spinal tap or meningitis.


Hello, Mandz!  I would think your back pain would have improved since the spinal tap.  You should go to your doctor about the back pain, especially if it is affecting your quality of life.  If an anti-inflammatory is not helping you, apparently it is not inflammation that is causing your pain.  Try Extra-Strength Tylenol and see if it makes any difference in your pain relief.  Other than that, if that doesn't help, your doctor may be able to prescribe something different.  You should ask them to check into why you would have back pain 3 years after the spinal tap.  Good luck!

Has anyone else have this type of problem or experience? Were you able to find out what it was and have it treated successfully?