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Hello all, 

I have come up with dead ends regarding an array of head pains over the last 8 years. I have been to all sorts specialist, naturopaths, Chinese medicine over this time and all have diagnosed different issues in which with treatment have not gotten better. Leaving them scratching their heads and me out of pocket and in pain.

He is a list my of symptoms, these are an everyday affair. I live with these pains 24/7 and have done for many years. 

Chronic sinusitis. Have had for 8 years. Two operations on my sinus canals. Widening and cleaning out. Helped but the sinus pain came back a few weeks later. My nose is not always running and infected, most of the time it's stuffy and blocked but with nothing in it. There is serious pressure all over my face and sinus canals. My eyes are tired and have pressure behind them.

TMJ. My jaw has been painful for 7 years. I had braces when I was 16/17 and thought the reason was for the movement with my teeth. After they came off they still hurt and more and more the pain was in my jaw and face. Since then I have been seeing a facio maxillary surgeon specilising in TMJ pain. I have a guard that I wear at night and you can see some serious grinding but the pain is just as bad day in day out. 

Neck pain. My neck has been an issue for just as many years with no real neck injury to note besied being young and a boy and the usual bangs along the way. My neck is always out of place and very tight. I often get acupuncher and Chinese medicine to help un kink and free it up, which it is great for a few days then comes back. 

In a nut shell, I have been told many things and ones in which I am also working out along the way also. I have cut out 95% diary and 80% gluten from my diet as I feel instantly blocked up after having these items. I am very in flexibly and am taking yoga and stretching more and more. I have been told that a lot of my neck and head pains are related to being so tight and that its all linked. 

There is a lot here, but I have been to so many people an am really hitting dead ends and do not want to keep being given tablets as that is not a viable fix just a few hours of grace time. I am very active, maybe to active as I never stop really weather it be sport or work or life. I have always had a bad immune system, ear nose throat issues as a young kid but also have been very sporty and always ate very well. I am only 23 however often feel as if i am 50. 


Does anyone have any thoughts on this as it is very tiring and I need to/have to get to the bottom of it. 

Many thanks, 


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You might be running the biggest difficulty in trying to group all your issues together as a single illness. They could be related - but also not.


Has your doctor run the usual tests (Xray, CT scan, bone density)? These are critical in understanding skull, spinal and soft tissue problems. A naturopath doesn't usually have access to these  types of tests. So if you really want to explore what's going on - be sure that the standard tests are given.


Your neck issues can be the result of a large number of issues - including a very short neck (where the muscles tend to develop in a smaller space, leading to residual pain and tight, stiff neck), soft tissue injury from a past physical trauma, or a spinal problem.


TMJ is TMJ. It doesn't need to be related to anything. It can certainly cause radiating pain though (where you have symptomatic pains in areas that are residually affected by jaw movement).


Be sure to have each issue looked at separately - before trying to group them as a collective set of symptoms.



Hello, I agree, I think a CT scan is important to try to identify why Stuart keeps getting headaches every day. Interesting that after the sinus operations Stuart feels well again but only for a short time. Good advice girlnextdoor10



Hello girlnextdoor10 and ttitch,


thank you for your replies. I have had many X-rays and face and sinus scans. I have raised my concerns regarding CT scan and looking at the brain etc however the typical response is after 10 years there can't be anything wrong brain related as your sitting here now. I will however insist on a CT and undertaking some more specific testing. I dont think it's all related more so sinus, tmj, neck the head and eyes fall in line with one of them. 

I am currently living in Nice, France however will be heading home to Australia later in the year. If anyone knows of good specialist that will dig deep and help out please let me know.

I it's clear my immune system is really down as well as iv just been bed ridden for 4 days with meningitis bacterial. Not sure of the cause but I think my infected sinuses, ear and throat pain iv been having over last few days. 

Kind regards,




A good doctor doesn't claim that you can't possibly have anything brain related cause you're still alive after 10 years. That's just stupid.


Glad to hear you're going to look into the CT Scan. It does show so much more than typical Xrays and more can be spotted that way.


I've never been to Australia - so can't recommend a doctor there. You might want to look online though. Having a physician who is a "partner with your health" makes a world of difference.





I know that im a year late on replying to this. I happened to come acrossed it searching tge web for answers cuz Im having the same problem as you. I have always had mild neck aches from time to time due to car accident when i was 18 ( im 36 now) I hit the windshield with top of my head and shattered windshield but had no serious probs from it. My real problems seem to have started about a year and a half ago with i had 3 wisdom teeth cut out. I started having this quick pain that would happen at the very back where wisdom teetg were and it wasnt a bad pain but it was a quick uncomfortable pain that lasted not even a min. I started having this every now and then but months went by and i woke up in middle of the night one night with a painful neck ache that has been driving me crazy ever since. I have jaw pain from time to time but teeth feel fine. It doesnt really hurt to open mouth wide either just jaw joint pain that causes my ears to hurt inside and behind ears on that bone. I have also been having headaches everyday and b4 this i never got a headache. I started out going to dentist and he said u may have tmjd so go get a football mouthpiece and start wearing it at night while sleeping to see if your pain stops in about a week. He said if that didnt work he cld make me a $500 splint that dental ins doesnt cover. I tried 4 different types of otc mouthguards over a 2 or 3 month period and still no relief. Sum1 i know told me to try a chiropracter cuz they can sometimes help with tmj so i started going to a chiropracter and his xrays show my cervical spine (which is neck area) was out of whack pretty bad prob due to my car wreck. He done adjustments over a 2 week period and said he pretty much got my top vertabrae back where its suppose 2b. I have been having electric shock therapy, another kind of therapy called traction where the machine pulls on your head taking pressure off of spine and straightening it out. I have had a massage and still no relief from any of this! I went to ENT the other day and my nose and ears look great and now today im going for a ct scan to see if there is something going on in there that normal xrays dont show! I pray its nothing bad like a tumor. I have heard you could have chronic sinus issues and not know it and it cld possibly be causing some of this or all of the above could be causing it! I just dont really know where to go from here if the ct scan is good and i pray to God it is good unless its my sinusis and the dr can easily clear them up for me and get rid of all this pain i have every sec of my life! I forgot what is feels like to be pain free