Over the past 3/4 quarters of the year i have been getting these small white/dry blood color orange cysts i believe on my penis and scrotum. It started purely as just my scrotum with them being tiny, growing and then popping by me or they just reduce down to a small size, the smaller they are the more orange(like a dry blood orange) they get, the bigger they are the whiter of an orange they are. The biggest one is only about 3mm big. Now they have expanded over the past few months so that i have 3 barely noticable underneath on my scrotum and on my shaft at near the top and near the bottom are each two sensitive whitish ones. also on the left side at the very lining of the scrotum is a barely noticable one. I believe they first started when i had trimmed my scrotum hair as they sweated and became disgusting.I definitely cannot bring myself forward to going to any doctors, im embarassed and don't want to reveal my identity as much as I need to...Help?

If there is a way I can show pictures please say so.