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I can't seem to figure out what's going on. The entire scrotum looks like I just took a cold shower; it has thick puffy skin (looks like a brain) that itches like hell. I'm a virgin, so I highly doubt it has anything to do with STDs. I don't believe it's jock itch, because I don't have a rash on the insides of my legs or anywhere else. Can anyone tell me what it -might- be, or what I can possibly use to get rid of this c**p?


This sounds like it could be a fungal infection or perhaps diaper rash or jock itch.

You don't necessarily need to have symptoms elsewhere on your body, although it sounds like you have had this experience before, eh?

I would recommend getting something like jock itch cream... possibly diaper rash cream, to kill this topically.

If you don't see improvement within a day, I'd be beating a path to my local doctor, cause it sounds real distracting and painful.

Of course, keep yourself clean and dry down there, and I'd also start using something like Gold Bond medicated powder to control wetness and itch.

Good luck.

Let us know how this turns out.


This is about 4 days after seeing the first symptoms. Today I have noticed..

    1 somewhat small rash on the insides of my thighs next to my scrotum
    2 rash forming on my penis
    3 base of penis rash
    4 a few pustules forming on the penis skin (looks like small ant-bites)
    5 scrotum has more elasticity
    6 getting a dotty looking rash all around the area

I'm uncircumsised, and I know for a fact I wasn't practicing any forms of personal hygeine in regards to my penis. Chances are... this is what caused it perhaps? Maybe I have a yeast infection? I don't think my diet would have anything to do with it... because I've been eating the same stuff since around january.


I he'd a bit of chaffing on my inner thighs, after wearing a damp bathing suit most of a day and doing much yard maintenance. Used a diaper rash cream with minimal relief. Progressively worsened on day 2. Tried over the counter yeast infection cream the wife had. Much worse day 3. Now the entire scrotum and shaft of the pen is has thickened, dry skin, unbearable itching and swelling. No chance it is an STD! No drainage, blisters, scaling.