For over 2 years I have had this problem, it started when I was 15 and I am now 17. My scrotum is extremely itchy, it usually occurs when I am sat down or lying in bed. When I am walking around and moving it is far less likely to itch, or it will not itch anywhere near as bad as when I am still.

Visually if I look very closely there is a slightly scaliness to my scrotum, there is not really any big signs of a rash or redness though. If I scratch it then it can turn red though.

I think I inherited this problem from masturbating with saliva and not drying myself very well aftwerwards. It could also be from poor hygeine at the time because I washed before bed and sweated through the night and day. However I would say I was reasonably clean.

The problem also could have come from athletes foot. I may have had it at the time (nothing visual but my feet did itch a lot) and accidentally dried my feet and then my scrotum, or touched my feet and then scrotum, or had my feet touch my underwear.

I have been to the GP twice, both times I was given anti-fungul topical steroid cream and they did not work. They in fact made the area very moist and bad for the area. It also looks like the cream was designed for the crotch, because applying it to my scrotum was very difficult and required a lot of it because of the wrinkles.

I later developed an itchy penis head too, which no longer produces natural moisture. It is itchy and dry. It also is scaley like the scrotum. My penis head also has a smell to it which started when I got this problem and I beleive is the cause. Even after a careful warm water wash my penis head will smell an hour later or even less. The penis is much less of a problem though, the only times it itches are when I go to pee and pull the foreskin back half way I will feel an itch. Other than that I might get the rare twinge of an itch from it but the main problem is just that it visually looks unappealing.


I am extremely confused about what I am dealing with here. Is it a fungal problem or is it a yeast infection? What is the difference? Is it possible I have both?

I get embarrassed going to the doctor about this problem. I have been twice about it and it will become awkward if I keep going back saying "my scrotum itches" or "my penis smells".