Hi, I'm Archie. I had minor impetigo before on my hands and want to help others in learning about this infection. Do you think you or someone you know have impetigo? A contagious skin infection caused by staphylococcus and/or streptococcus bacteria. SYMPTOMS Identifying impetigo may include dryness, itching, pain, clear or yellowish fluid (pus), dry crusts, swelling, and redness of the affected area. Normally located on the nose or around the mouth and face or sometimes the hands and rarely other parts of the body. PROCESS OF IMPETIGO It starts off as dry, itchy red spot(s) that will swell over into a yellowish, brown crust then a clear or yellow fluid will poor out called pus. Pain normally happens when pus gets forced out. The infection may spread throughout the body. Or minor bleeding may occur of the affected area. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO Remember, impetigo is contagious (spread through contact of infected people/animals or environment). So, do not scratch or come into contact with the affected area. But don't worry! If you're healthy, than the bacterial infection shouldn't be really bad. The important thing to do is make an appointment with your doctor or a local health care professional. They will most likely take pus samples of the affected area to identify the bacteria and prescribe the right antibiotic cream or pills for you to take. Use as directed. TIPS To help reduce spreading of the infection, keep guaze over the affected area but let pus to leak out with clean gauze, tissue, or paper towel. Make sure the pus isn't getting onto other surfaces and discard the used gauze. Wash with soap regularly. Especially your hands. If there's no pus, then you don't need to put gauze. CAUTION If the impetigo gets worse or does not show signs of healing after 2-3 weeks of the day you received the antibiotics. Consider rescheduling another appointment. Thanks for reading! That's what I know about this infection. Hope this helps you. Archie K