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Hi i am a 16 yr old who 2 years ago i started getting a rash in my scrotum. I would scratch alot because it would really itch. It would just come out of nowhere and i would start scratching. Sometimes i would wake up at night because of the irritation. I didnt know what to do. since i was only 14 i was to shy to talk to my parents about it. Untill last year when i decided it was time to say something. My mom made an appoinment to go see a doctor. The doctor prescribed some lotion and told me to go back to check again in three weeks. I started putting on the lotion and it helped but it never fully went away. Everytime i went back to the doctor he would prescribe something stronger. But it never fully went away. Then the doctor sent me to a skin doctor. When he saw he told me everyting looked alright and he just told me the scratching was unusual so he prescribed another lotion. But it didnt really help.

But now i am confused. It seems that i might just have a really dry scrotum. Could that be the cause for the itching? Becuase when its normal it hurts when i touch it roughly under the penis which is where i am guessing we have extra skin and it looks very dry. And when its mushy like it irritates where i have veins and turns red. I also just got 2 pimples on the left side. I also feet that its always hot. Is it possible that i irritated it too much when i was scratching?

sorry if the post is too long

any help would be appreciated


your post is an year old, but for the benefit of others:
In my case I thought it was some sort of fungus. But seems like it is plain dryness. Coconut oil helped me a lot. Be wary of some soaps that may be causing the dryness. body wash liquids worked in my case. Wash the area and rub coconut oil. I hope this helps.