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The best way to find out if you are pregnant is to wait to miss a period (at least 2 weeks) and then take a pregnancy test, preferably from a doctor. The best test to take is the blood test, as it is a bit more accurate, although the urine test works well if it is more than a week after a missed period.

Symptoms vary among all women. A missed period is the best indication. This can also be a sign of other things, however, such as a bladder infection. Before you get too excited (or scared), take a pregnancy test from your doctor. Generally, a cramping in the left lower part of the abdomen is a sign of a tubal pregnancy. A feeling of pressure or cramping in the abdomen can also be a sign of constipation, rather than pregnancy. Morning sickness usually doesn't begin until the fourth month, as well as swelling breasts, although breasts do become tender in the first trimester.

Obviously, you cannot get pregnant from oral or anal sex. Precum can make you pregnant. And although it is highly unlikely that sperm on the outside of the vagina can make you pregnant, there is a slight chance. On average, sperm lives 7 to 10 days, and you can become pregnant during that time after you have sex.

There is a small chance that you can become pregnant after having your tubes tied, or his snipped (although it's very small).

On miscarriages (varies per woman): you bleed a lot (certainly more than a heavy period; and it gushes, doesn't drip), you get cramps that move from moderate to unbearable, and you may pass the embryo sack as well (depending on how far along you are, I passed it at 8 weeks). The general rule is that if you are soaking more than 1 pad per hour, you are probably having a miscarriage.

On that note, the best advice is to contact your doctor if you think you are pregnant.
**this information is a combination from sex education, general practitioners, gynocologists, abortion counsellors and personal experience**


Thanks to "EARLY" pregnancy tests which are sensitive enough to detect smaller maounts of pregnancy hormone HCG, a woman can START preganncy testing 4-5 days BEFORE her suspected period.

Most tests are accurate once you miss a period, you do not need ot wait 2 weeks necessarily.