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I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction 10 days ago.  I'll recount my days as best I can.

Day 1:  No splints or packing.  Constant bleeding from the incision just inside my nostril.  I had to wear gauze under my nose for the rest of the day and night.  Pain wasn't too bad but I kept taking my Vicodin just in case.  Didn't sleep that night, because INTENSE congestion hit in the wee hours of the morning.  It was beyond miserable.  Every time I swallowed, my ears would pop because of the pressure.  I used cottonballs soaked in Neo-Synephrine stuffed up my nostrils, and ice packs to help reduce the pressure.

Day 2:  Did a LOT of online research on recovery and found that some people could use a nasal spray to help with swelling, so I squirted the Neo-Synephrine up each nostril.  Bleeding had stopped by mid-day.  But, didn't sleep this night either.

Day 3:  Another fairly miserable and congested day.  Called my surgeon only to find out the nasal spray was a no-no because of the risk of getting hooked on it (I didn't listen though, I was so miserable!)  They did suggested Mucinex-D to help with the congestion, which it did, so I advise trying that.  Attempted to sleep that night but my mother, who was visiting to take care of me, also had not slept for 2 nights and wound up with arrhythmia and had to be taken to the ER.  Because of my fear (fight or flight response!), my sinuses cleared up like WHOA and I could breathe like never before.  Haha.

Day 4:  Got 2 hours of sleep while my mom was still at the hospital.  I began feeling more pain, really more like a heavy ache.  My mom was released from the hospital but after we went to bed, she woke me up (dammit!) to say her heart was acting up again.  I took her to the pharmacy to fill a prescription she SHOULD have done earlier that day.  She was fine, and we slept!!

Day 5-10:  Still some ache, still taking pain meds, Mucinex, nasal sprays.  Sleeping like normal, head propped up.  Congestion has gone down a lot, getting better each day.  I admit that I was digging around trying to remove some scabs (I know, I know, BAD).  I got concerned that maybe I was pushing too much on the septum and ruining the surgery.

Had my first post-op on day 10.  I was HOPING he'd pick out some scabs I could feel.  Nope.  Did a little vacuuming and removed a TINY scab which did nothing for me!  I can breathe, but I hate the feeling of the scabs deep inside.  And I was afraid that using the nasal spray and my scab-seeking fingers would have done something bad, but he said I was healing great and my septum was still straight.

I am still taking the Vicodin, but only half a tablet, because when I tried to get off I got sick (intense nausea and a lightheaded feeling)  I still feel an ache in my nose, and a dull headache.  I'm hoping to kick the habit next weekend.

I never had any bloody mucus or discharge.  While I was congested I sniffed a LOT, and deeply, so I guess it all went the other direction?  I do nasal washes a few times a day, but its always clear.  I have yet to see any scabs or clots or ANYTHING gross.  I don't understand, where is all the c**p!?  I kept reading about how people would rinse out yucky stuff but I've had nothing.  I'm a little worried, honestly.


I am 9 days post op and have the exact same situation. What helped you?? I'm leaving for a week long rafting trip in the grand canyon in about 4 weeks and need this c**p out of my nose.