Hi everyone, I just found this page because I have returned home from seeing the Dr for the 3rd time because of my addiction to at first afrin, then the generic sprays, because I was buying atleast a bottle every 3 days. I never knew addiction to nasal spray was a thing, until about 2 years ago, I started using afrin because I've always had allergies and sinus problems, bad infections, etc. It was the only thing that cleared me up completely, and at first it lasted all day, then a couple sprays at night and I could sleep again. I kept using because after about a week, I noticed I had worse, complete blockage in my nose, faster than before and the only thing that took it away was my spray. Long story short, over 2 years my use increased and got to the point where I was eakiwa every hour to shove the spray bottle up my nose so I could breathe and go back to sleep for work in the morning. My boyfriend mentioned something about maybe it's the nasal spray, it says not to use it for more than 3 days and you can't stop. So I looked it up and realized, this is it! I'm not alone! I went to the Dr and she gave me a prednisone taper and Flonase. 3 days layer, I could breathe! With no spray! But I got stuffy one night, couldn't sleep, and started the cycle all over again. Went to the Dr again a few months later, same thing, only this time the prednisone did nothing. Back to the spray. Now today I woke up very sick, with a sinus infection on top of the congestion, and I just got back from the Dr who prescribed me, yet again, a higher dose of prednisone. I don't know what to do. I hope it works but I'm skeptical. I'm going to order the rhinostat. Thank you for all the stories and suggestions, right now I'm still using the spray and I can breathe for now. Hoping to get through the night.