Hey my names Michael and I suffer from severe back pain and severe pains in my ankles and legs every day. I also suffer from pain in my facial area as I was in a terrible accident when I was 9 years old. I was on a motorcycle going home and I had stopped to turn down my street.. as I was stopped a tuck with those old california (big rig) type of side mirrors was coming the opposite way (two lane road). I don't remember what happened just what I was told happened. As I was sitting there waiting to turn left onto my road.. this truck with the mirrors was coming the opposite way and got a little too close to my lane... and the drivers side (side mirror) hit me on the right side of my face/head. I had mutiple brain surgeries and reconstructive surgeries to fix the shattered eye socket and the right upper frontal lobe area of my forehead. I had brain swelling so severe that the swelling of my brain was instant from the moment of impact and was rushed to the hospital by the ambulance. As soon as I arrived they did an immediate catscan of my head to see what and how severe the damage was and to check for brain swelling. to sum this story up... I had at least one surgery to release the swelling of the brain against my skull; multiple reconstructive surgeries to repair the shattered piece of my skull on the right upper side of my forehead and to fix the fractured eye socket area. As a result of what I have been through.. I have suffered from back pain; leg pain and pain in both ankles. I'm an active person.. but the pain just never goes away. I'm 26 years old now and perfectly "normal". However, I have lived with the pain from this accident for a long time and never mentioned it to anyone thinking it might go away. Well, it hasn't. It's there every day when I wake up in the morning and when I go to sleep at night. A few years ago my "friend" told me about a pill called Loricet. A narcotic pain killer... the first time I took one of those I felt free of all my symptoms of pain and felt like I could do anything without having to worry about hurting. Thats the only thing I have found so far that helps me get through the day. However... I'm not sure what kind of doctor I should visit to see if he/she will understand where I'm coming from. I also tried a roxi (15MG AND 30MG) which also do the same thing for me only they last longer.
ANY HELP WITH THIS IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. I am tired of having to buy pain meds off the street to live a normal productive day.. and just want a doctor who will help me live a normal life. Thank you.

-Michael :)