I am wondering if Surgery took.  I had reconstructive ACL surgery 3 weeks ago.  I was in really bad pain for the first 7 days then when getting into bed I heard a pop on the side of my knee where it grafted.  I have tried to be very careful but it was snapping even in the beginning after surgery.  I started physio therapy 10 days after the surgery but I was no pain.  After my second physio therapy my knee has started to snap.  It is snapping more and more.  I am going to go and see the specialist on 17th of this Month.  I have had 2 other surgeries.  None were successful and I don't think this one took either.  I was talk to my physio therapist on Monday and see what she says but my knee is really tight as well.  Do you think that the surgery took and it could just be scar tissue and arthritis?  My knee cap is really small as well.  Also I have a lot swelling.  Maybe it is too soon to tell.  What do you think?