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HI - Test show that I have a enlarged kidney, I have protien in my urine, severe back pain to the right side, strong smelly urine, blood pressure very high now on 10 mg blood pressure tablets, Doctors have done tests on my kidneys and say the test shows the kidneys are functioning normaly so I have not to go back to hospital for six months
Can you help with my problem and suggest what could be wrong because I still have constant pain


Hi there,
Greetings from Australlia.

From the symptoms which you'd described, I would say that you probably be suffering from a condition known as "Pyelonephritis" - a bacterial infection of the kidneys.

The back pain is made worse especially when 'bending forward', even when lying down on the right side (affected area). Walking, getting up and down position may also be restricted due to the pain. Ladies are more prone to this kind of 'infection' than men.

I know this feeling very well as I was once had the same problem and so did 8 of my clients who came to me for treatment ("Oral Oxygen Therapy"). Within a few days of the intensive 'treatment' you'll find lots of improvements, especially with the "BACK PAIN".

This 'Treatment' has NO Side-Effects, requires No medical supervision, No dosage, Safe to be used by All Age Groups even infants and it is very affordable as well.

Sorry, I don't use 'DRUGS' (Antibiotics) as it causes lots of side-effects. "Oral Oxygen Therapy" helps to Lower Blood Pressure as well, plus it will boosts immune system, increases stamina, helps to get rid of toxins from our body, an anti-oxidants and lots more.

As for you, I would suggest that you go back to your doctor and ask for antibiotics IMMEDIATELY, before it gets worse. It will take a few weeks for you to recover. (I'm quite surprised that they(doctor) did not 'prescribe' you with 'antibiotics' even after finding out about your kidneys 'conditions', in the first place)

If you are anywhere in Australia, I would be more than happy to use "Oral Oxygen Therapy" against your medical conditions.

By the way, May I know your gender and your age, please? Do you suffer with episode's of fever as well in regards to your present medical condition, now?

Thank you so much for your time and kind patience. I pray that you have a speedy recovery soon.

Best Regards,
Hazad Abdul Hamid
VisionsLink Pty. Ltd


I am suffering from kidney pain in right side and also feel pain in my abdominal.I am also suffering high blood pursuer 195/115 after ultra sound reports Dr, find out that the swelling on right side kidney and swelling the enlargement of the liver Know my question is which type of medicine i will use.


i am a male and in 15 my left and right kidney are killing me,it comes and goes, i havent tried anything until now but il try oral oxygen therapy