I had a surgical twilight abortion at 12wks on 11/26/14... after the surgery I was back on my feet literally in minutes. I have always been a VERY athletic person and I recover very quickly. I sat for about 10 minutes and then was able walk out and enjoy the rest of my day. It is now 11/30 and I am completely and totally down for the count! I am bleeding VERY heavily, and I am have contractions... I HAVE 2 CHILDREN AND WENT THROUGH THE ENTIRE LABOR AND BIRTHS WITH ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICATION... not even a Tylenol!!! This pain is 5-6x worse than what I went through with both the hard labors and hard deliveries. I called the Planned parenthood (locust st. Philadelphia , PA) where I had gone for my procedure and they told me everything was normal and that I could take ibuprofen... just to get a second opinion... I called Pennsylvania Hospital... and now I'm being rushed in at the urgent request of the head doctor... YES... clinics may tell you "we understand, it's all very normal" just as before you left they told you "if you experience anything you feel is unusual, if you have severe cramping, vomiting, nausea, fever, or filling 2 super pads in 1hr DO NOT GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM CALL THE NUMBER PROVIDED ON YOUR CARE INSTRUCTIONS and come back here for us to check you".... LADIES... I urge you to go to emergency because you may have an infection, or a failed surgical abortion (like me)... I called 17 other abortion clinics around the U.S and was told "ALL OF THAT IS NORMAL".... if you are in severe pain and you are afraid, nervous, etc GO TO THE ER... those are doctors who are non bias (meaning they can not be sued if something went wrong with your abortion because they didn't do it, they won't try to cover of "fix" anything) they will give you the care that you need and unlike an abortion clinic they have the tools, staff, and facilities to do so properly!!!!!